Thursday, June 18, 2009

Days 166-170

I know that I really need to blog about something else, so I am thinking about it. Maybe I'll share my upcoming trials of potty training?!
Friday, June 12th - Tyler and Madison at the entrance of Mt. Rushmore.
Saturday, June 13th - This mammoth brontosaurus was so cool. I try to imagine what it would be like if they actually existed today. Notice that Tyler, Madison and Grant are standing by the feet.
Sunday, June 14th - This was actually taken the day before, but who cares! I'll probably use the Badlands picture instead, but I already posted it on this blog and didn't want a repeat. As you can tell, we are at Wall Drug. That has to be the biggest tourist trap in the U.S., but they did have fabulous homemade ice cream!
Monday, June 15th - We went to my parent's home to pick up our dog today. They were kind enough to "dog sit" while on vacation. My parents are also watching my sister's two boys since she's teaching summer school, so I offered to take them until Friday to spend time with our family. We have a lot more kid fun opportunities than what is in my parent's small town. Here the boys are anticipating Tyler's ball game tonight. Hope my nephews enjoy baseball because they'll be in for it for three nights in a row!
Tuesday, June 16th - Tyler and Dylan are enjoying bike riding in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, we no longer have Tyler's smaller bike, so Dylan had to ride Madison's pink one. He was very good about it and didn't mind. I also paid Dylan for wearing a helmet, which is my way of making a point with my "Tweener".

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