Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's Summer Vacation....Now What?

Today is my first official day of summer vacation.  I think I count about 68 days total of do whatever I want to do with the exception of a week of summer school, kid commitments (like VBS and ball games) and doctors' appointments.  However, with all of that there will still be time for scrapbooking.  That's really all that matters, right?!  
However, today I've done some laundry, washed dishes, went shopping, took a nap and I am thinking what do I do next?  Oh...there's lots to do in this household, but I just don't want to do any of it.  I am ready for something fun.  So, fun needs to show up...I am waiting!  Any ideas?


Carrie said...

Well, this will probably sound boring, but we hardly EVER go out to eat (months between times), so going to a restaurant, getting served by someone else, & not cleaning up is AWESOME in my book! I vote for going out to dinner! :-)

Mamma has spoken said...

Lucky you!!! Ugh!! I still have to go in on Monday and work even though everything is done. Friday we were told that we didn't have to be in until 9:00 (usually it is 8:30) and we can leave at 3:00 (normal school day is 3:30)but that 'higher ups' wanted us in the building all day. As for something fun to do, I have many inservices and so much to get done around here that I won't have time to do anything fun:o(

A.H. said...

Are you still going to Anytime Fitness? Do you like it? I'm thinking I need to either get a new treadmill or join a gym. My belt is worn out and so I haven't used it in several months and it shows.

Amy said...


Unfortunately, I haven't been to Anytime Fitness in a long, long time. What a terrible waste of money! However, it's on my to-do list tomorrow. I am determined to work out at least 3 times a week this summer!