Sunday, May 17, 2009

Days 136-140

More of Project 365...
Wednesday, May 13th - The kids took the dog for a walk and decided to tie the wagon to Tyler's low riding three wheeler.  They are ready to go because Madison's got her plastic bag with her to pick up Ranger "treats" that he leaves behind on his walk.  :)
Thursday, May 14th - I know that Grant following Tyler with his own lawn mover is a bit dangerous, but I couldn't help but snap a quick picture before taking Grant out the situation and on to Madison's final soccer game of the season.  Darn cute!  
Friday, May 15th -  The minute I stepped into the house after work I started cleaning the house. It was a huge pit!  First the kitchen, then the bathrooms and finally the living room space.  The carpets were in desperate need of being cleaned.  Yikes!  
Saturday, May 16th - Andy made Schwan's French Toast Sticks for breakfast before he headed out and did some neighborhood garage sales.  I found some scrapbooking racks, a sandbox and a Thomas the Tank Engine shirt for Grant.  
Sunday, May 17th - It was such a nice relaxing day that the only thing I could think of taking a picture of was two kids on the couch.  They were watching The Incredibles on DVD.


missy said...

do your kids get as annoyed with you about taking pictures as mine do with me? i'm laughing right now because the jesus blinkie replaced the edward blinkie...movin' on up, huh? :)

Amy said...

Missy...You are too funny!

I thought the Jesus with the child blinkie looked like Grant, so "Yeah, moving on up!"

Also, my kids are so use to my picture taking that they now don't think twice about it. They always have a camera in their face!

Mindee said...

A husband vacuuming? That would definitely be picture worthy at my house!

Lisa Ford said...

We have that same picture of Mason following Steve mowing. Very cute. Also love Grant's new short summer hair cut. HE looks just like Madison and Andy.