Friday, May 15, 2009

Why Lie or a Little White Lie?

I have an interesting story for you!  (* Notes changes in names to protect the identity for all parties.)

We decided to create a huge cleaning project at home tonight by scrubbing the carpets downstairs with our steam cleaning Hoover vacuum.  Of course, we were out of cleaner, so we made a family trip (everyone goes) to our local *Costco, which is down the street from our home. knows you just can't purchase carpet cleaner without purchasing a new work belt for Andy, Advil for me and some Thomas the Tank Engine p.j's for Grant.  Oh, my Grant so loves Thomas that I thought some new p.j.'s should certainly help with his nighttime routine.  

We then headed for the Express check-out at *Costco where I spent my time chasing down Grant in the candy aisle while Andy paid for our 12 items.  I was not privilege to most of the conversation, but Andy laughingly told me later what all was said.  

When the clerk says..."So, you have a Thomas fan in your household?"

Andy replies, "Yeah, we have a two year old."

Clerk mentions..."I am a teacher at my other job."

Andy says, "Where do you teach?"

Clerk adamantly replies, "I teach Kindergarten at *Lipton Elementary down the street."

Dumbfounded Andy states, "You don't say.  My wife is also a Kindergarten teacher at *Lipton!" 

I then show up to the checkout and the clerk is very quiet.  

The clerk tells Andy the total and Andy looks down and sees she has forgotten to ring up two of our items.  Hmmm....wonder how she could forget?  She apologizes for the mistake, tells Andy the new total and then says to me,  "So, what grade do you teach?"  I then realize that Andy and the seemingly very nice clerk have had a previous conversation about teaching.  I tell her Kindergarten and she responds with "Cool!"  I didn't have much else to say to her since our transaction was done.  

While walking away, Andy is telling me this story while laughing hysterically.  There's two things that came to my mind....Watch what you say, you never know how that may backfire and isn't it nice that someone else wants MY job?!


Mamma has spoken said...

Yep, that is interesting that she would say something like that. Guess she wanted people to think she did have something better than that job?????

Trisha said...

so random

Mindee said...

What a totally random and weird lie. People are strange sometimes.

"Lipton" - snicker!

Tracey said...

I hope it taught her a lesson!!!

Sarah said...

Wow!! What are the chances that the person she lies to happens to have the job she lied about....or must want???!!! That is crazy! I am sure she thought that never in a million years would she be caught in her lie!

A.H. said...

Funny yet creepy at the same time. LOL Sounds like one of those psycho thrillers where the chick wants to be the other chick and slowly starts taking over her life. Next time you go through the checkout, if she's wearing lime green and a brown wig... RUN!!!!!!!!!