Sunday, May 3, 2009

Days 121-125

Here's what we've been up to this week....
Tuesday, April 28th - Tyler and friend Jalen are playing foam baseball with Grant.  It's cute seeing them together.  Grant doesn't hold the bat correctly, but will have no part in being shown the right way.  Such a temper!  
Wednesday, April 29th - Grant just can't get enough of outdoor play.  I am sure that I'll be spending my summer running around outdoors with him.  Here he is taking my decorative rocks and placing them in my lawn with his  Tonka pay loader.  This is not something I encourage. Ugh! 
Thursday, April 30th - Madison #18 had another soccer game that they lost (4-0), but boy did they do a great job against those big girls who are two years older.  The above picture shows Coach Josh handing out ice cream cone coupons for MVP's of the game.  At the end of the season, every girl will get a coupon, which is nice! 
Friday, May 1st - May Day!  Here's a picture of Madison receiving a May basket from friend and neighbor Jessi.  They are darn cute together!  However, there are some fantastic pictures of THE perfect photo of the day on Mindee's blog with the filming of the track at school.  I will probably use one of those when I put my Project 365 together.  
Saturday, May 2nd - Tyler had his 2nd baseball tournament in Seward this weekend.  We had several hours to waste between games, so the boys started to play a little soccer on an empty field while the parents grilled lunch.  I enjoyed seeing my daughter join in with those older boys and take charge of the ball.  I soon heard one say..."Hey, you're being schooled by a little girl".  I am still laughing about this one!  


missy said...

looks like a great week! sorry, mindee has all the pictures on her camera from the filming day. it's fun to watch it all unfold!

Tracey said...

Great pictures!! I liked the last one of Maddy showing those boys the ins and outs of soccer. Go Madison!!