Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Days 141-145

I missed some great photo opportunities this week, but just am too tired to care!  
Monday, May 18th - We had Madison's first softball practice tonight and I didn't want to walk back to the car to get the camera, so I chose eating ice cream at DQ afterwards instead.  Andy and Tyler missed out.  They were in Ashland picking up trash along the roadside for Youth Group.  
Tuesday, May 19th - Here is Grant and Grant's best bud, Cameron, at Tyler's ball game.  Tonight is the first night for the Jr. Saltdog's team that Tyler is on.  He finished his "somewhat select" team and now is playing with the same kids on a different team.  Can't get enough baseball....I guess!  
Wednesday, May 20th - We had another night of baseball, but here we are watching the neighbor kids' play ball at Fleming Fields.  Tonight Tyler won his game, but once again, didn't think to get out the camera until much later! 
Thursday, May 21st - This use to be our nightly routine (walking the dog) until the kids got so busy.  It was a nice night for a walk...love that spring weather! 
Friday, May 22nd - Yeah, it's Friday!  T.G.I.F!  I meant to get a picture of the five boys camping out in the tent in the backyard, but it was dark once I remembered and the pictures are terrible, so here's a picture of our well-traveled Little Tikes Coupe Car.  What household goes without one of those cars at some time in their lives??  It has the cheapest upkeep on any car we've ever owned!  Hope the government saves Little Tikes too!  :)


missy said...

did you get a new template? it's cute. love the dq and little tykes pix.

Maria said...

This is the first year that my daughter, Liv, has chosen not to play softball and I miss it...

She is on a swim team and wants to take golf lessons...

I don't mind the swim team, but ugh...GOLF?