Thursday, May 7, 2009

Days 126-130

This has been an exciting week...NASCAR and Rachel Ray about Mindee and Campbell School! 
Sunday, May 3rd - Our church had a spaghetti feed and silent/live auction to raise money for Youth Group today and they were able to get one of Kasey Kahne's cars for the event.  This was incredibly cool since I became a dedicated Kasey Kahne fan last year!  LOL
Monday, May 4th - We were all out of diapers and Sam's is the place to go.  I wish I could say this is the LAST box that I'll have to buy.  I can only wish!  I am determined to get Grant potty trained this summer!  
Tuesday, May 5th - It's Cinco de Mayo and our teachers' lounge is all equipped with fantastic, Mexican foods of all kinds.  It was nice not having to pack a lunch and tasty too! 
Wednesday, May 6th - Madison and Jessi helped me get the house area set up as a Veterinarian's clinic after school today.  It was hard to get them to leave school since they were having the best time playing. 
Thursday, May 7th - Today was Frannie Fields last day student teaching under Cindy Lloyd in Kindergarten, so she brought in a giant cookie for the team.  Thanks Frannie, it was wonderful!

Oh, not to forget the footage from the Rachel Ray Show today that featured Mindee Myers and Campbell School.  Check it out at.....


Mamma has spoken said...

Sounds funny but I have the same cabinets at my school as you do at your school!!! I even think we have the same counter tops too!!!

Mindee said...

SO bummed that I missed the potluck!

Thanks for the plug.