Saturday, May 16, 2009

Days 131-135

I am getting a bit behind in my 365 postings, but am still strong on taking pictures!  
Friday, May 8th - Madison is invited to her BF's 8th birthday party/sleepover complete with a makeover.  What fun!  
Saturday, May 9th - I went shopping at JCPenney's for myself, but end up buying clothes for the kiddos, go figure!  Madison is crabby because she's tired from her thrilling sleepover last night.  Oh, how I love lime green!  Still my favorite color!  
Sunday, May 10th - It's Mother's Day and we went to eat supper at the new Greenfield's (formerly called IHOP) on the southside of Lincoln.  I had a yummy potato casserole!  
Monday, May 11th - Tyler enjoys fishing with the neighbor kids at the pond that's a couple blocks away.  They used stink bait and would catch little fish (have no idea what kind) and then toss them back.  It made for hours of cheap entertainment!  
Tuesday, May 12th - I am getting Grant ready for bed while Madison hangs out in the hallway telling me all the American Girl items on her wish list including a $118 doll bed.  I told her I didn't spend that much on her own bed.  Are you kidding me??

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Anonymous said...

How I love seeing my grandkids with their mother on Mother's Day. What a sweet picture. Love the picture of Tyler fishing with his friends. Grandpa will like that one too.