Monday, May 25, 2009

Fishin' with the Family

Today we spent part of our relaxing Memorial Day fishing with the family at Oak Lake for a few hours.  I, myself, do not like anything to do with fishing....baiting the hook, taking fish off the hook, cleaning fish and least of all eating the fish.  Since I don't have a license (Andy does) and we are a strict "catch and release" type of family, this event is a little more tolerable on my part.  However, I do enjoy being the photographer of this little event.  
The kids were able to catch a couple dozen little fish off of corn and worms, so it was easy to keep their attention.  Grant was the official "release the fish" guy, but would give each fish a special kiss before throwing it back in.  (BTW, his siblings told him to do this!)  If there's some new pandemic "Fish Flu" going on, you will know exactly where it started from!  
Tyler caught the world's smallest fish on a hook today.  I had no idea that a fish of this tiny size could actually put a hook in it's mouth.  Amazing!  
Here I am, taking it all in....sitting in the shade of a tree, feeling the nice breeze and waiting for the next photo opp!  


Tracey said...

Looks like fun!! I really loved the "fish kissing". Only Grant...

Mindee said...

Oh gross.

You fish like I do. I don't like anything about it but the sunshine.

Carrie said...

The fish kissing, and your "fish flu" comment, have me laughing HARD!! Looks like it was great fun!