Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's inevitable, especially on Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day!  Yeah!  It's truly the one day that I, for once, don't feel guilty about doing absolutely nothing all day long!  Yup, if I only get a shower in that's terrific.  However, I usually get bored and pay some bills, vacuum and do some of that always growing pile of laundry.    

Tyler had his final Blue Chips tournament this weekend in Firth and next week he starts his Jr. Saltdogs team, which consist of the same players, so it's much of the same except no leading off and a different uniform.  

Anyway, Tyler played an 8pm game on Friday night and two games yesterday.  Tyler did a great job fielding at 2nd base, but his hitting was all off yesterday.  Foul ball, foul ball, strike out!  You get the picture.  However, Andy's gift to me this morning was a "Piece of Quiet" by taking the three to Tyler's final game this morning at 8am.  Please notice I didn't say "Peace and Quiet" because that would imply I had that all day long.  No, just three extra hours of only me and the dog.  It was wonderful!  I slept in and read the paper with not one whine, scream or fight!  A truly priceless moment!  However, when I don't go to a game (which is hardly ever) the INEVITABLE happens.....

*  Tyler hits two triples and two singles.  He doesn't strike out at all.  He got his "bat" back.  

*  Tyler catches a pop-fly and gets another kid out by throwing it to first.

*  Tyler's team wins 19-1 (lost all three of the other games that I watched)

And the best of all....I missed seeing the coach on the other team get kicked out of the game because he was so mad they were getting beat!

Oh, well, it was great having a "piece of quiet"!


Tracey said...

Too bad you missed all of that.:(
I am glad you had some peace and quiet though.

Mindee said...

I think I'd be more upset about missing the drama than the great playing. There will be a repeat of that in the near future I'm sure.

Glad you got some time to yourself.

missy said...

a "piece of quiet"...very cute. sorry you missed the excitement of the game, but glad you had such a relaxing day.

emmie is all about madison now. i'm so glad they enjoyed each other!

Mamma has spoken said...

Isn't that how it always is, miss something at the ONE game you don't go to. Mindee's right, another repeat will happen sooner or later, hopefully sooner...