Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vest Christmas '09

Happy Holidays! This is going to be one unforgettable Christmas this year with heavy snows, icy roads and blizzard like conditions! Jill and her boys came up early to beat the bad weather conditions and we were one big happy (maybe not so much) family.

These are some of many photos taken....
Here are all six grandkids on the Vest fighting in this picture!
This is what $94 in prime rib looks like. It was delicious! Thanks Dad for buying it and Andy for cooking it! Our tradition is prime rib every Christmas, which is wonderful. However, I wouldn't mind trying crab legs next year!
Santa came while we were at Christmas Eve church service and even filled stockings!
We made Santa shakes that were delicious! You can find the recipe here!
Todd and Sarah brought wine. This is what happens when you make a silly face with a bottle of gets posted on your sister's blog.
Santa brought Evan a DS game this year.
Xander looked so cute in the Christmas gift wrap recycling box.
Dylan and the kids took turns handing out the gifts.
Grant is digging into his Christmas stocking.
Can you tell we are sisters?
Todd, Sarah and Xander Vest at St. Mark's Church.
Grandma Betty got a mug of her #6 grandchild.
Grandpa Oogie got a Snuggie this year. Who couldn't use one of those?
The best or most well-received gift was a new slider cell phone for Tyler. He got a cell phone last year and we upgraded to unlimited texting and a keyboard. He's one happy 13 yr. old!

We are hoping for better weather conditions before attending the Broeker '09 Christmas in Kearney. We were planning on celebrating today, but Interstate 80 is still closed. Crazy weather!


Mamma has spoken said...

Still had family over with the blizzard. WOW I am amazed!

Tracey said...

Loved seeing all the pictures! You and your sister do look alot alike. You can tell you're sisters. :)
When are you heading to Kearney?

Amy said...

We won't be going to Kearney until Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Teachinfourth said...

Looks like you guys had a great time...what time is the New Year's party?