Friday, December 25, 2009

Days 356-360

We are having a blizzard here in Nebraska, so there's not much to do, but blog, blog, blog! Happy Holidays!
Saturday, December 19th - It's "clean out the freezer" night at the Broekers. Andy is eating some buffalo wings....good, but oh, so messy!
Sunday, December 20th - Madison, Grant and Ranger are snuggling in my old papasan chair while watching Christmas movies. Love the holey sock, Madison!
Monday, December 21st - We went to Schuyler today to video tape Grandpa Oogie and his buddies (Jim and Derald) for a chance to get selected for Poker Stars in Los Angeles. Dad (Grandpa Oogie) has been playing online poker since retiring last year and has gotten rather good at it. Good luck!
Tuesday, December 22nd - Our old neighbors are back visiting for the holidays visiting relatives and were able to stop by. They now reside in Colorado and are missed dearly. Tyler said, "Mom, it's like old times....Joey, Simon and I."
Wednesday, December 23rd - Jill and the boys are here early for Christmas due to the upcoming snow storm. Jill has cut Grant's hotdog into an octopus to go with the mac and cheese. Grant thought that was pretty cool, especially since Mom doesn't do any of that fancy food stuff.


Mamma has spoken said...

Heard about your blizzard and was wondering how you were holding up. We had one last year and it was fun at first but then the electric went out.... Here's wishing you a Happy Holiday week WITH electricity.

Amy said...


This blizzard is incredible and covers so much area! Some roads and I-80 are still closed tonight! This is crazy and unforgettable!