Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Days 331-335

I have finally made a decision...I will not do 2010 with Project Life, even if it is so darn cute. It's just too demanding to keep up the photo a day challenge and I won't bore you with anymore day by day pictures! :) Thanks for humoring me in '09!
Tuesday, November 24th - I took the boys this year (had the girls last year) to make the traditional pilgrim hats. They looked so sweet with their hats on!
Wednesday, November 25th - This was a teacher work day and my sister, Jill, and her boys did not have school, so they came a day early and spent the night. Jill was nice enough to take my two youngest with her to Schuyler a day ahead, so Tyler, Andy and I could catch a movie. We saw the movie 2012 and I wouldn't recommend it. It would be good enough to rent via Redbox, but that's about all.
Thursday, November 26th - Happy Thanksgiving Day! We went to Schuyler this year for the turkey day festivities. There were ten of us in all for dinner. It was delicious and best of all...I didn't have to cook a thing!
Friday, November 27th - We (Tyler, Andy and I) stood in line at 10 pm for opening Black Friday sales at Toys R Us. They opened the doors at midnight (slightly a little after) due to the police needing to help with crowd control. Tyler did get his iPod Touch he wanted, so I guess it was worth it. What an experience to say the least! Wow! Tyler used his birthday money and we paid for the other half, so this was Tyler's birthday present this year.
Saturday, November 28th - We had incredible weather this weekend! I believe we had record breaking highs, so there's no excuse not to decorate the house this year. Here the guys are getting the lights to hang on the trim of the front of our house.


Mamma has spoken said...

Standing in line on Black Friday reminds me of the time we did it for the Wii when it first came out. Except it took us doing it three times at three different places before we were able to get one.

Mindee said...

I haven't been bored with your POD's. I kinda like them. I can see where it would get old quickly to come up with them though.

Teachinfourth said...

Black Friday...we stood in line, too; however, it was only from about 4:30 in the morning...

You guys are hardcore deal-searchers.