Thursday, December 10, 2009

Days 341-345

Here's the latest....well, almost!
Friday, December 4th - Grant and Madison are enjoying a bowl of chocolate mint ice cream. I think this is my tenth POTD with ice cream. We apparently eat it alot!
Saturday, December 5th - We decided despite the cold temps to attend the 25th Annual Star City Parade in downtown Lincoln today. We dressed warm for the event and it wasn't too bad or should I say better than expected!
Sunday, December 6th - It's snowing and we decide today's the day to get our Christmas tree. This is only the third time ever that we've gotten a live tree. I love this picture of Andy carrying Grant and the tree at the same time.
Monday, December 7th - We have our bi-weekly Brownie/Girl Scout meeting. Here the girls are making a train car for a contest for the Girl Scout Cookie Kick-Off in January. It's coming along slowly, but at least we are having fun!
Tuesday, December 8th - Snow day! What better to do than snuggle together and watch some T.V.?


missy said...

fun pictures. esp love the one of andy with the tree and the boy. and maddie and grant snuggled together. hope you enjoyed your snow days!

Mamma has spoken said...

Oh how I love the picture of Andy carry the tree and Grant at the same time way too cute!!!!

Teachinfourth said...

Taught for 8 years (this is 9) and we've never had a snow day...