Saturday, December 19, 2009

Days 346-350

I am almost finished with this project. It was fun, but I'm going to glad to be done. Huge commitment! :)
Wednesday, December 9th - It's day two of a snow day without school. This is what we do for entertainment, pull Grant around in a tub.
Thursday, December 10th - The third no school day and it was too much of a good thing! I hate to complain, but would have rather "banked" this day for one in February, which is the longest teaching month of the year with little recess and all. We can't find Grant snow boots, so he's wearing plastic bags over his shoes. It looked like a good idea at the time, but it was very slippery!
Friday, December 11th - We saw that the Lutheran Church down the road from us was having a living nativity, so we decided to go and check it out. Here we are paying our taxes to Caesar Augustus, which the kids did not get into. I loved reenacting the traveling back in time to the birth of our Savour, but the older two rolled their eyes and Grant, of course, was oblivious to the entire concept.
Saturday, December 12th - We attended our neighbor's play at Calvary Community Church called "Imagine Christmas from the Beginning". Hannah and Jessi did a fantastic job and it was definitely an evening well spent!
Sunday, December 13th - After church today we took the kids sledding at Pioneer's Park. It was a bit cold for me to try it, but the others didn't complain. I took a few pictures and then hung out in the van while the rest of the family went sledding for about an hour.


Mamma has spoken said...

Aw I'll miss your pictures of the events each day. I know what you mean by having too many snow days. Last year, when we had a whole week off, I was going stir crazy. Then hated that we had to go to school so late into the summer to make up those days.

missy said...

love the plastic bags...very old school. and i am with you on hangin' in the van during sledding trips.

Mindee said...

You've been busy! I think the plastic bags are great. Much cheaper to outgrow.