Monday, December 28, 2009

Days 361-365

You probably think this is the end since I hit today's 365th day, but the scrapbook goes until January 3rd to finish out the week. You'll still see a few more's not over yet! :)
Thursday, December 24th - We quickly snapped some pictures after Christmas Eve service at the church. They have some pretty places to stand for pictures, but it was crowded and we were anxious to get home with the awful road conditions. That was one stressful ride to and from church!
Friday, December 25th - It's getting late, but there's still time for some board games. Blokus is one of my favorites!
Saturday, December 26th - Here's what our house looks like after the blizzard. (Notice: The star is a little tilted to the side.) The roads finally opened up and my parents and Jill were able to get back to Schuyler and Grandview, Missouri. It just took several hours longer than they anticipated.
Sunday, December 27th - We swapped kids with the Blacks for a sleep over. We got the girls and Tracey got the boys. Madison and Jessi are playing Mario Cart on the pullout couch. They were fun to watch!
Monday, December 28th - We could not wait to use our Carlos O'Kelly's gift card, so we went out to eat there tonight. It was delicious! Thanks Mom and Dad for the great gift idea!


Mindee said...

Looks like you made the best of all the yucky weather this week. You're all smiling in the pictures!

Mamma has spoken said...

Still amazed that you traveled in the blizzard. Here, they posts weather emergencies, and if you are caught out driving in it you get a heafty ticket.