Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Bird in the House

It's a snow day again! We are on day three of no school and I have to say I think you can have too much of a good thing. I enjoyed the first two days, but today the kids are fighting and I am starting to get cabin fever. I think we will go to McDonald's for lunch, just to break up the day. I am also starting to get nervous about my classroom. We only had fourteen days in December to teach and now I am down to eleven. We have testing and curriculum that needs to be done, not to forget the Christmas gift to the parents that is only half finished. Yikes! Deep breaths!

Okay, on to my story....Last night Andy and I did get out of the house briefly to return some Redbox movies. The main streets were wonderfully cleared off, but the residential streets look terrible, which is probably why we don't have school today. I don't think school buses could make it down the streets to pick up students.

Andy and I walked back into the house around 7:30 last night when Andy grabbed his work boots from the garage and brought them inside. Before we knew what happened a sparrow flew out of the boots flying wildly around our house. Apparently, someone left the garage door open for this poor bird to seek shelter, finding it in Andy's boots. Boy, I now know that birds don't have any sense of smell since it chose those boots!

Now what to do with a bird in the house....quick grab a camera and take pictures! So that's what I did and then went downstairs to download them on the computer while the rest of the family chases the bird out an open door. That was the craziest house guest we've had in a while!


Mamma has spoken said...

Yea, three snow days in a row is too much of a good thing. Here's hopeing that you have school on Friday!!!

Mindee said...

That's a smart birdie. It is COLD out there!

Tracey said...

Wow! Did you get him out?

Amy said...

Yes, they (Andy and the kids) chased him back into the garage and then opened the garage door.

KAD said...

Three Snow Days!!! WOW! We were lucky to have 1 snow day.