Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Days 336-340

Sunday, November 29th - Really....what can I take a picture of today? I try to keep the POTD something different and this one truly is that. Tyler is sucking on a giant lollipop that he bought from Disney World.
Monday, November 30th - Here is Madison's G.S. troop #365. They are a very nice group of girls!
Tuesday, December 1st - We have two advent calendars this year. The one I made, which is posted here and this one that I bought from my daycare provider's daughter who was selling them for German club. Grant wants to eat all the candy now!
Wednesday, December 2nd - We had Souper Santa tonight at church. This is the first year that Grant is willing to approach Santa and isn't scared. Grant said, "I want a red wiggle car for Christmas, please."
Thursday, December 3rd - We did a little Christmas shopping tonight at Target and I purchased these cute winter hand towels both for $3.99. It's the little things that make me happy!


missy said...

i want the hand towels! the ones i bought at walmart aren't near as cute. target is ALWAYS better. another lesson learned.

Mamma has spoken said...

Those are cute!!Saw on my blog that you had a snow day, lucky dog you~~~

Tracey said...

Really like the towels. They would make me happy too. :)

Mindee said...

Maddie's looking just a little big for poor Santa. :)

BTW - great timing on these socks. My furnace is broken but my feet are warm! Thank you!

Amy said...


Glad I could help! Enjoy those socks!