Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Days 111-115

I just haven't run out of ideas of what or who to take pictures of for this project.  I almost anticipate what to take for the next day.  I am loving the outdoor shots!  It's my favorite time of the year!
Saturday, April 18th - We are in Elkhorn for Tyler's first ever baseball tournament.  Grandpa Oogie is tossing around a soft baseball with Grant and I caught Grant's throw in mid-action and love the look of the scenery around them.  
Sunday, April 19th - We are back for one more game in this Elkhorn tournament and it's freezing and windy for a 10am game.  Brrr!  Tyler's team lost all three games, but this last one was the best (coldest too).  They were up after three innings and it was 6-1 and then they just didn't "show up" for the remainder and lost 10-6.  Good more games for the day! :)
Monday, April 20th - I asked Madison if she'd vacuum out the dirty van after all the baseball weekend fun and she agreed.  Nice work, Madison!  
Tuesday, April 21st - The kindergarteners experienced their first field trip to the BNSF train yard.  The kiddos got to see a turn-a-bout in action, tour a train engine and take a short ride on this mini train.  Each child also got a take home bag of goodies that included a cool train whistle.  
Wednesday, April 22nd - Tyler had a scrimmage tonight in Waverly against the "Rattlers".  The game was short (1 hour 20 min.) because they weren't doing well.  The score 10-2.  I accidently took this picture on the wrong setting, but after looking at it, I liked the artistic feel of the photo.  I think the fencing centers Tyler at effect!  


missy said...

great job with the baseball photo! very impressive car vacuuming going on too.

Tracey said...

Love the last picture!! Cool effect. You're such an artist...

Mindee said...

A child doing chores without whining is definitely something to take a picture of!

Mamma has spoken said...

Ditto, I agree about the car vacuuming chore and her doing it without complaining. Mine won't do it even when they are the ones to drive it!