Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Dreaded Stomach Flu

I just had to add this above picture to show you Grant in action this morning.  By the title of this blog, you might have thought I'd use a different, less attractive picture, but I wouldn't do that to you.  What I witnessed last night is not something I'd want anyone else to have to see! 

So, here's Grant putting in his favorite Thomas the Train video on his own.  The kid is a pro at electronics!  Really, he's managed to disassemble three tv remotes in his first two years of life.  Unfortunately, he did not manage to put them back into their original, working condition.  But, I am sure he's a genius in the making.  Andy and I are hoping he's the next Bill Gates and can set his mother up in a nice, comfortable nursing home someday.  Anyway, I wanted to point out that this child is capable of running a DVD player, but can not vomit in a trash can or begin to potty train.  It's truly a wonder!  

Here's how our eventful night began....Grant demonstrates that he has the flu bug at about 10:30pm all over his bedroom carpet, which requires the Rug Doctor.  I am so happy we own one of those machines!  Then he got sick three more times during the night, which required me to change his bedsheets three more times, of course!  Lots of laundry!  I then began writing out my lesson plans at 11pm and went into work at 5am to get the classroom set up with sticky notes everywhere.  I got home at 6:30 so Andy could go to work and Grant soon woke up and crawled into MY bed and threw up AGAIN!  More laundry!  

Well...I got the two older kids off to school (thanks to the help of nice neighbor Tracey) and talked to Christi (Grant's daycare provider) to learn that two other children from two different families also have the flu bug today.  Go figure!  Highly contagious!  Let's just hope that Andy doesn't get it tomorrow since he's a pall bearer for Abe's funeral or me who has the Kindergarten Farm Program tomorrow afternoon! 

Grant just ate a bowl of Trix cereal.  Glad to see that he is feeling better!  I am hoping I won't be seeing a rainbow of fruit flavors all over my couch!  :)


Tracey said...

Amy- I am SOOOO sorry. There is nothing worse than the stomach flu with a little one. I was glad to get to the point in time when the kids knew to run to the toilet.
It appeared that your sub had things running smoothly. At least from the looks of it anyway. :)

Mindee said...

I hate puke.

Phil the custodian is out today too. Apparently you can only clean that stuff up so many times before you get it yourself.


Kim said...

hey amy, just popping in again. i wanted to tell you i had two neighbors with kids home puking today as well. what is going on? also,everytime i stop by your blog i am like "oooooooh, i love this song!" no matter what song it is! great playlist :)

Mamma has spoken said...

Yew, I hate when the stomach virus goes around my school. Tuesday, I had my classroom door open, and the group I was working with heard someone getting sick in the classroom across the hall.They wanted to go see what happen, I wouldn't let them, so all they wanted to do was visualize what it might look like :oP Leave it to 5th graders to come up with that!