Monday, April 20, 2009

Kids Against Hunger

Sunday afternoon Tyler was able to take part in a wonderful philanthropy project that our church and many other organizations in our community do called Kids Against Hunger.  This non-profit organization is based out of Minnesota, but there are 18 states with satellite programs working for this great cause. 

It's so neat seeing all the kids work so hard to feed children here in the United States and around the world.  I saw on the Kids Against Hunger (KAH) website that they said, "Every hour of every day 12 children per minute die of starvation or malnutrition related diseases."  So the solution is to create packages of fortified rice that are developed by food scientists from places like Pillsbury, Cargill and General Mills.  Since it's launch in 1999, KAH has provided over 100 million meals for children and their families in more than 40 countries through the efforts of over 200,000 volunteers.  What a wonderful thing!  

I forgot my camera (can you believe that?) and quickly went home to get it just to capture a few photos of Tyler's youth group partaking in this worthwhile task.  Unfortunately, I was too late, so I didn't get any "action" shots, but did make Tyler put the hair net back on just for the picture.  I am just the meanest mom!  :)
St. Mark's filled 2,480 packages like the one above in only a few short hours.  Each one of these packages feeds 6 people and costs only 23 cents a per package!  Amazing!  Just think of that the next time you eat out, huh?! 
Here's my darling son sporting his apron and hair net, just to make mom happy for a photo. Thanks, Ty!  


Anonymous said...

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Mindee said...

Um, interesting comment there.

23 cents is an amazing price but obviously my kids are NOT hungry because there's no way they would eat a fortified soy and rice mush.

Spoiled Americans.

Tracey said...

Wow, Amy, I had no idea you were into those kinds of things from comment #1. LOL LOL LOL And remember she'll let you know if she finds anything else. LOL LOL
Anyway, the look on Tyler's face is priceless. "Hurry up with the picture already mom." What a cool thing to be involved in. His youth group is a fabulous group to be involved in.

Amy said...

Yeah, I see that I have gotten my first spam message, so I guess I am now going to monitor comments due to that one. Ugh! I love blog comments, except for thing that imply ickiness!