Friday, April 3, 2009

Days 91-95

Sunday, March 29th - Today was a nice quiet Sunday, so the only picture I could think of taking was Andy with the Top Banana Trophy that he made for me.  Dorky?  You bet! 
Monday, March 30th - This was the first day that I ALMOST forgot to take a picture.  Can you believe it?  Luckily, I remembered at 10pm, so I took a picture of Grant sleeping with one of his favorite blankets. We have three in case we can't locate one.  
Tuesday, March 31st - I am busy finalizing report cards on the computer and Grant and Madison decide to watch "Kung Fu Panda" for the umpteenth time.  
Wednesday, April 1st - I told the kids that we were going to my classroom to get some projects done.  They probably thought it was an April Fool's joke, but it wasn't.  I had Tyler cutting tails for horses out of yarn and Madison was in charge of stapling math books together. Tyler has this "how many more?" look on his face.  Just remember Tyler, don't marry a Kindergarten teacher or you'll be doing this for years! 
Thursday, April 2nd - Madison had her third soccer game of the season and they did great.  Well, they didn't win or score for that matter, but they did a wonderful job on defense.  They also had terrific attitudes about the game.  This is the year that they are playing older girls, so it's a true learning and growing experience.  


Angela said...

Love that banana!! lol Great photos. I've been doing well with the project. My problem lately has been posting the photos. lol I even have kept up the whole kit with photos and journaling. So far so good.

Mindee said...

this project is so much fun. How are you doing with the actual book?

Tracey said...

I think it's great that you get your kiddos involved with your classroom work. And Tyler doesn't look too bored.....:)

Amy said...

The book is slow going, but this blog really helps me keep up. If I forget what I took a picture of and the journaling, I just look it up here. I didn't realize I'd like blogging this much!