Thursday, April 9, 2009

Days 96-100

I've made it to 100, so I only have 265 more to go!  Yeah!  I am so having fun with this daily picture taking thing!
Friday, April 3rd - My classroom made rabbit ears that the kids had to trace, cut out and glue. Of course, I had to do all the stapling to get them to fit their heads.  If you haven't read my blogs before, yes, they have faces!  No, I don't show them due to confidentiality reasons. They are cute kids!  
Saturday, April 4th - It was a bitterly cold day with huge wind gusts.  We still made it out to the annual Easter Egg Hunt at St. Mark's Church.  We collected our eggs quickly and made it back inside for some other activities like games, crafts and a blow up jumping thing.  
Sunday, April 5th - It's Palm Sunday and I asked Grant to show me his palm.  He covered his face with it and wouldn't give me a better picture, so there you go!  
Monday, April 6th - It's one of those crazy Mondays and we can only find two shoes and they don't match.  He only owns two pairs and we found one of each.  Luckily, we were able to locate one more, so Grant didn't have to go to daycare with mismatched shoes on. 
Tuesday, April 7th - This was the first day that I forgot since December 28th to take a picture for this 365 project.  Not bad, huh?!  I have a good excuse...Parent-Teacher Conferences this night and yesterday.  That kind of consumed me!  So, I am using a picture I took a month ago of the nice man named Merl, our custodian.  Merl works full-time at Isco and this is his part-time job.  I don't know Merl's last name, just that he doesn't spell his name with an "E" at the end.  I think very highly of Merl!  He never complains about the mess we make and goes the extra mile to clean up our rooms.  Thanks Merl! 


Mindee said...

How funny. I have never seen Merl before. Good thing you blog so I can meet my coworkers.

Mamma has spoken said...

Love the bunny ears especially the two who's ears are down instead of up. Of course they're boys. And let me guess, they are the 'handful' of the class.

scrapwordsmom said...

Thanks for stopping by aka Wonder Woman!! I see we share at least 2 fave blogs...Ali and Lisa. BTW, Lisa and I are friends. I'm headed her way in May!!:) Hope to see you some more. I'll stop by here, too!!

Tracey said...

Amy as always I am enjoying your 365 project and look forward to each one. So fun!