Sunday, April 12, 2009

Days 101-105

Wednesday, April 8th - Here we are 14 years later looking much older and not so much wiser on our anniversary.  We went out to eat with the kids tonight at Carlos O'Kelly's.  A great night since I didn't have any cooking or clean up to mess around with.  
Thursday, April 9th -  Madison and I went for our yearly pedicure at Krystal's Nails.  Last year I took Madison for her first pedicure and she loved it.  She couldn't wait to go today!  She loves the attention.  The technician even painted her finger nails for free to make her feel special.  
Friday, April 10th - Good Friday!  We spent the day dyeing Easter eggs.  Grant loved it and made a huge mess.  So, it was more like watch Grant create a disaster while we clean it up.  
Saturday, April 11th - We went to Kearney for Easter and to partake in Hanna Vance's baby shower.  Hanna is Andy's cousin who lives in South Carolina where she teaches Kindergarten. We had some great teacher conversations.  Hanna is expecting a boy in late May.  
Sunday, April 12th - Easter - I tweaked the color on this photo for a change and gave it an "antique" appearance.  Here the kids are with their Easter baskets filled with candy.  


Mindee said...

Aren't you glad that Easter egg dying only comes once a year? It is fun but sooo messy.

Tracey said...

I loved the Easter Picture with their baskets. So cute!

living4him5 said...

Congratulations on 14 years together!! Love the pics of your cuties with their Easter Baskets!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!