Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tree Hunting

I am an artificial tree person and I will always be!  I like the fact that fake trees are easily accessible, cheaper in the long run, are perfect in shape (if not, just bend into shape), and they can come already pre-lit.  I can probably think of at least a half dozen more reasons why I think artificial trees are best, but I won't bore you.

However, hunting for a real tree does have a certain level of fun to it.  This is the second time (ever in my life) that I've gotten a real tree.  I never grew up with a real trees, so that's why I never thought much about it.  Four years ago, we cut down our first real tree.  We drove to Pineland Tree Farm (1486 W. Alvo Road) in search of the perfect tree.  I did find a good one, but before it was cut down I started to have feelings of guilt over killing a very nice tree.  I waivered for about a half hour, or whenever Andy was about to lose his temper with me and then I agreed to chopping it down.  This year I didn't have that same remorse like the first time....I guess I am just over it.   

I do have a few rules over hunting for a real tree.   The first one is that the whole family has to participate.  The second rule is it has to be from a tree farm where we do ALL the work.  None of the staff cutting the tree down or hauling it to your car for you.  That just wouldn't do.  That would take all the fun out of it.  So, we could never go to one of those stores with a cut tree out front and take it home.  Besides, those trees are all dried out anyway!  The third rule is that Mom has to take lots of pictures of the event and get every step of the process on film.  Here are those pictures below.....
Here we are looking through a field for the perfect tree.  Walking around (with a sharp saw too) for twenty minutes and commenting on every tree is part of that important process.  
We finally agreed on this Scotch pine tree that was $40.  It seems like a lot of money when I could have gotten an artificial one for half price after the holidays and it lasts forever.  But, I remind myself it's the adventure that I am paying for....priceless!  Right?!  
This is so funny to watch.  Everyone except the camera lady (me) took a try at cutting the tree down.  No fingers were lost in the process....thank goodness!  
I love this picture of the kids dragging the tree back to the trailer (which was an old caboose) to pay for it.  Pineland is really a neat place to go.  Love the feel of the place with an antique register, wood burning stove and all.  They don't take credit cards...just cash or checks!  Where do you find this anymore?
Finally, the tree is attached to the van.  I like the look of vehicles traveling around town with trees on the top.  Very festive!  


Mindee said...

That looks like so much fun! We just bought a new fake tree and now you're making me kind of sorry we didn't try a real one. I'll just sit here and think about leaking sap and tree carcasses until I feel better. :)

Amy said...

Mindee you are very sensible. I am guessing yours is pre-lit one since they all are now. You just can't beat the amount of lights on a fake tree. You should know that I am now stepping on pine needles in barefoot. Ouch!