Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Things #9

The Christmas Pickle has become a tradition at our home.  It's not something that I was really excited about doing, but Madison always asks if I've hidden the pickle yet.  Funny that she'd remember the pickle since she will absolutely not eat pickles under any circumstance.  The legend of the pickle says that the observant child who finds it on Christmas Day is blessed with a year of good fortune and a special gift.   There's no special gift at our house for the child who finds it and a year of good fortune is questionable.   However, it's still something that's a family favorite...maybe not mine, but I'll add it to one of our twelve.  

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missy said...

i had never heard of this tradition before, but i did buy this pickle ornament for jack this year b/c he loves pickles! so glad to learn of the legend. you are a sweet mom to play along! merry christmas!