Saturday, December 6, 2008

Campbell kindergarten team starts a trend!

Oh, we are such trend setters!  I (jokingly) brought a catalog to school about these new slipper shoes (indoor/outdoor shoes) called Oobee's stating that we really should each get a pair.  Raette was so funny...she said, "I guess I'll take the black ones."  So, we did it!  We all ordered a pair from and had a discount code to get them at half price.  The total with shipping was only $16.48 each, so it was good cheap fun!  Also, they are quite comfortable too!  (pictured left to right:  Kerry Boehler, Amy Broeker, Kristi Green, Cindy Lloyd and Raette Bahe.  not pictured:  Krista Wells and Sherri Macfee.)

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