Saturday, December 6, 2008

Star City Parade

The Broeker family hasn't been to a Star City Parade in years.  I think the last time we went was six years ago and we went with the Jensen family.  I do recall it being very cold and getting donuts, but that's about it.  This year Andy said, "let's go".  I was hesitant since I'm not one to sit in the cold.  However, it wasn't too bad!  I am glad we did go because Grant just loved it.  He especially liked the giant Elmo and Cookie Monster balloons.  I realized that maybe I should make it my goal to get into the parade next year for my 40 x 40.  Hmmm.....what could I do?  I know that marching in a band is out and probably dancing in a mini skirt!  LOL

Here are a few more pictures from the parade.  I love the one of Madison wearing a hot chocolate mustache!  I also am including the pictures of how they got Elmo under the overpass. We were impressed!  

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Tracey said...

So cute pix!
Dave and Jessi were down there also. Jessi danced with her dance class for pre-parade entertainment.
I took Joey to his basketball game, and Hannah went shopping with my mom. Wow, talk about going different ways.