Monday, December 22, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Things #6

Last year one of my students, Tai, gave this primitive Santa to me.  I enjoy the look of primitive things, so I instantly loved this old-fashioned Santa.  I think what makes me like this gift even more is the presentation of the gift.  Tai came running into the classroom saying "Mrs. Broeker, I got you a Christmas gift."  It was the last day before Christmas break, so the classroom was already crazy with holiday spirit.  But what made the gift even more memorable was that it wasn't gift wrapped and he handed me the gift in two parts.  The Santa body in one of his hands and Santa's head in another.  Since the Santa is made out of a paper mache', I don't think the head was ever attached, but just rested on the body.  Anyway, what a cute Santa, decapated and all! 

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Tracey said...

I laughed when I saw this because it reminds me of my Rudolph that my nephew bit and flattened the red nose. It is so hilarious. My kids asked if I was mad, and no I'm not because it's a great memory.