Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Neighbors are Turkeys

Yes, literally.

A rafter of wild turkeys invaded our next door neighbor's backyard this evening. We've never quite experienced backyard neighbors like this...until now. Andy was able to capture some great pictures, which will be wonderful for my 365 project (POTD). I wasn't home from work yet when Andy took the pictures, but I heard that our neighbor Mark was using a turkey call to get their attention. I think Andy should have gotten a picture of that!

I witnessed this same gang a few days earlier on the northside of Fletcher Road (about a half mile from our house) while taking Tyler and neighbor girl Hannah to middle school. This is really quite the sight to see since it's such a rarity, especially within the city limits.
(Okay....enough GOBBLES, huh?)
I didn't know a group of wild turkeys is called a rafter or a gang until I googled it tonight. See, I learned something new. But if they do decide to stay, I'll have to be sure to invite them over for Thanksgiving dinner. Hee, hee!


Sarah said...

That's crazy! Kind of neat to see but kind of weird too! We don't ever get anything interesting like that in our backyard! Probably because it backs up to another house. I guess we do have a ton of grasshoppers right now! Ick.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Andy needs to capture one for OUR family's Thanksgiving dinner.

Yum, yum!


Mamma has spoken said...

Warning, those wild turkeys will taste nothing like the farm raised ones. You have to think that they will taste like what they have been eating. Last one my dad got for us was really gamey....But they are fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

I've see those turkeys driving Dillon to school too! It's kind of cool to city in Lincoln!

Angie E.

Amy said...

Yeah, I don't think I'd want wild turkeys to eat, especially since they were enjoying all the grasshoppers that are in our backyard. Gamey food is not my thing! That goes for duck, deer, pheasant and the list goes on.... Thank goodness for supermarkets!

Anonymous said...

There was a big tom turkey and a hen up on Fletcher just west of 14th that actually attacked my car as I was driving in order to protect his woman. He would stand in the middle of Fletcher and challenge all the cars driving by. I got out of the car to shoo him away and he actually pecked at me. Weird. There's also a HUGE rafter that lives right off Hwy 77 and Rokeby road. I have to be careful driving home sometimes because the stupid birds aren't smart enough to stay off the highway.

missy said...

great post title. i'm sure our neighbors feel that way about us. fun celebrating with you today...even if you didn't know what you were celebrating until halfway through. :)