Friday, September 4, 2009

"Fair Well" to my Local Fair

The Nebraska State Fair has been around for 107 years in the capital city of Lincoln. Next year, it will begin a new life in Grand Island, much to my disliking. I consider this my last fair since the likelihood of attending it two hours away isn't probably going to happen. I am sure we'll try it once in a few years when they are established, but it just won't be the same as driving down the road. I've have some great memories of this fair (and from past fairs) and taking the kids to it. Here are some of them....
....the fried food on a stick! This is really the main reason why I attend. I love the junk food! You just can't find this kind of garbage anywhere! Really!
....having the kids pose on various tractors, machinery, by animals, etc. Anytime for a photo opp and Wow! I got a lot for my photo contest too!
....these "Wiggle Cars" were so cool! Grant had a blast riding one. I am considering buying him one for his birthday. They sell online for the same price with free shipping too.
....even the Budweiser Clydesdales were putting on a show. They are such massive, beautiful horses...simply amazing!
....getting cute painted eyes. It really matched her outfit well. Unfortunately, she tried to sleep with the makeup on and of course, it didn't work. It was darling while it lasted!
....gotta love scrapbooking that's entered by the 4H'ers at the fair! I'd so enter mine, if I could. LOL!
....weird sheep! I realize that the owners don't want the sheep to get dirty for show, so they hood them. But, they do look like they are racist sheep, especially since the black sheep next to them weren't hooded. I don't know, it just didn't look acceptable to me.
....the colorful ferris wheels. I love to take pictures of them. I think I have a "ferris fetish" going. Try saying that five times!
....going to concerts mid-week. Boy, that could never happen when it's in Grand Island. Darn it! Yes, Tyler and I went to see No Better Cause and the Newsboys in concert on Wednesday. Tyler is giving me that "look" again. You'd think he'd be use to it now.
....I blew an eardrum, I think. The concert was too loud and I am too old. Tyler thoroughly enjoyed it. I was a bit disappointed. The music just didn't sound the same, but that's a concert for ya. Well...good bye, dear Fair! I will miss you....funnel cakes and all!


Mamma has spoken said...

I liked the sheep in capes! They looked like they were some kind of super hero ;o) I haven't been to a fair in a LONG time. Our state fair is an hour away, during the school year.

Mindee said...

The horses wear spandex thingies that make them look like Spiderman.

I'm with you on concerts. not my thing. But come visit us at county fair next year for your funnel cake!

Trisha said...

Jim and I were at the concert too. I agree it was too loud, but fun. The Newsboys were one of my first CD purchases as a kid!