Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Days 266-270

Ugh! I am getting behind in posting them and they are now getting out of order. Oh, well! You wouldn't even know if I didn't tell you! :)
Sunday, September 20th - Sue and Tracy came to town to visit Sue's brother, Ted, who is learning a new life as a paraplegic at Madonna Rehab. due to an accident at work the month prior. Anyway, Sue and Tracy found a great garage sale in Kearney and bought Grant an early birthday present...a Thomas the Train set and table. Grant is on Cloud 9!
Monday, September 21st - Our neighbors to the west of our house (4 houses down) were victims of an overnight fire early Sunday morning. Luckily, the college students next door alerted them and the fire was sustained only to the garage. The news reported about $20,000 in damages. Sad news, but a great outcome since everyone was okay.
Tuesday, September 22nd - This is one of those pictures that is out of order, however Tyler's team did win against the Firefighters. He is playing wingback in a spread position in this photo. That was Tyler's input...what do I know?!
Wednesday, September 23rd - Madison and her friend Aleni are washing potatoes for Cooking Club. This is a fantastic, six week class that meets on Wednesday mornings to learn healthy cooking habits. Madison loves it, especially since you get to eat your work. Hopefully Madison can become a terrific cook since I am not! :)
Thursday, September 24th - Madison loves technology! She's listening to her iPod Shuffle while getting out her Nintendo gaming system to play.


Mamma has spoken said...

HAHAHAHA you sound like me when my sons played football!!!!!

Mindee said...

The stuff they are making in Cooking Club sure smells good!

Teachinfourth said...

Wow, there is a lot going on in your neighborhood! When you say that your son played a football game against the Firefighters, that is an opposing school and not an actual team of firefighters, right?

Just checking.