Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Days 271-275

Friday, September 25th - Grant enjoying the outdoors with buddy Ranger on his old fashioned trike that he got as a hand me down from cousin Dylan. Grant has put lots of miles on that tricycle!
Saturday, September 26th - Andy and Tyler were able to snag some tickets to the 300th consecutive Husker home game sellout against the Louisiana Cajun. I can't believe it's been longer than I've been alive (1962) that Husker football has been a sellout. The loyalty of Husker fans is incredible....I guess there really is "No place like Nebraska!"
Sunday, September 27th - Madison received her 3rd grade bible at church today. This is a big deal in the Methodist Church. It wasn't something we practiced in the Episcopal Church. We did First Communions instead.
Monday, September 27th - I worked a half day and visited this doctor....enough said, huh?! The nurse really did think I was nuts taking a picture of that! :)
Monday, September 28th - I spent over three hours hauling kids all over practice, football practice, trip to the grocery store, etc. Did I mention Andy is out of town for work AGAIN? Anyway, Grant told me he was "hungy", so I allowed him to eat a very messy dilly bar in the van on the way to get Madison at 6:30pm from soccer. It was one of those "keep mom's sanity in place of some good parenting practices" moments. This is something I would not of allowed with my first child, but with #3, mom is tired, getting old and willing to do anything for some peace and quiet!


Mamma has spoken said...

Your Monday picture gave me the shudders....Glad it was you not me...So when is the mammogram? can't wait to see the picture for it ;o)

missy said...

I'm laughing so hard that you took a picture of that lovely piece of equipment!!!!

Tracey said...

You are too funny! LOL

Mindee said...

Amy you did NOT really take a picture of a speculum and post it on your blog!


missy said...

look at nurse mindee with all technical names for those instruments of torture. i have never heard them before. but i recognized them! i had to comment again due to your offensive (sarcasm being used) cell phone comment on my post. you make me smile.

Kim said...

oh my gosh amy! i am laughing so hard! where do i even start with this post....ok, first, it really cracks me up that your hubby has on a NU national champs t-shirt from 1994! holding on to the good old days, i love it! and just picturing you in my head taking pictures in the doctors office is too funny! did you seriously take the picture while someone was watching? ha!

Teachinfourth said...

Wow, you've had quite the busy few days!

Amy said...

Yes, I did take a picture while the nurse was watching! Actually, I asked permission.

And Yes, isn't my husband "trendy" while wearing a 15 year old t-shirt? I said to him..."Really, Andy, are you going out in public with that one one!" He is a typical man...doesn't care!

Mindee is amazing with that doctor lingo too. Speculum? I had no idea. I usually call it a "scrap and swab job". That's my lingo! Very professional, don't you agree?!