Saturday, September 19, 2009

Days 256-260

Thursday, September 10th - The Wildcats are getting a pep talk at half time. They weren't playing at their usual potential. They did beat the Skittles (5-2) that name!
Friday, September 11th - The nine wild turkeys are still in the neighborhood. They were in our yard again this Thursday night. Grant said they were "his turkeys" and chose to chase after them. I made sure I had my camera on hand in case they decided to charge him. I wanted to be sure to capture that on film....of course, they didn't.
Saturday, September 12th - Happy New Year at Betty and Tsegaye's house. Sorry this is a repeat picture, but I didn't take many. I was too fascinated by the food and festivities. Sunday, September 13th - I purchased these three beautiful mums at Sam's Club today. Andy kindly planted them for me in my front yard. Unfortunately, I wasn't specific enough to tell him to space them evenly apart. He said I didn't tell him that, just to plant them. I thought that wasn't something I needed to explain to a surveyor where exact measurement is everything! Well, silly me!
Monday, September 14th - Today our daycare provider was ill, so this left me hanging at home with Grant. I enjoyed spending time with my kiddo alone without anyone else around. Grant and I watched Sesame Street. It's so nice to see that Big Bird is timeless. It brings back great memories of my childhood!


Mamma has spoken said...

Hehehe, your hubby sounds like mine. I have to leave him a detail description of what I want done. I have to think about what he could do wrong and make sure that I leave a note for that too. But your mumms look great!

Mindee said...

I have a one work comment today: