Saturday, September 26, 2009

Days 261-265

Tuesday, September 15th - Madison's 9th Birthday - Madison is opening her new American Girl trading cards that she got for her birthday from her Aunt Jill.
Wednesday, September 16th - Here are my kids this year sitting on our rug. They are just as cute as last year's group, even without faces. LOL
Thursday, September 17th - Grant found Dad's missing work cell phone (story in post-blog). Oh, the joys of having Grant!
Friday, September 18th - I attended a Scrapbooking Crop as Kandy. I was unable to get into the crop due to late registration, but went in Kandy's place for the evening. Thanks Kandy! It was a lot of fun!
Saturday, September 19th - The neighbor boys made a sign for Husker fans. They looked so cute! Unfortunately, the Huskers lost by one point to Virginia Tech. Bummer!


Mindee said...

I'm glad you had fun scrapbooking, but you really, really do not look like a Kandy. ;)

Mamma has spoken said...

Still laughing about the cell phone story.....

Teachinfourth said...

So, you have a split personality, too? Well, better to have Kandy than no Kandy, right?

Now I've got to read the cell phone story, since you've got me wondering about that.