Thursday, September 17, 2009

Child #3

Can you guess what my youngest has done THIS time? If you are guessing.....

No, he didn't make a long distance phone call to an irate, crazy woman in Wisconsin who sought revenge by calling us back and harassing us for three weeks.

No, he didn't have a massive diarrhea explosion on the way home in the van from a soccer game, which got all over his hands and his solution for cleaning it up was licking his fingers.


No, he didn't consume a week's worth (or more) of gummy vitamins and cause me to call Poison Control to see if he needed his stomach pumped.

Instead, this little stinker took his father's work cell phone and hid it in his toy box. Andy spent much of Labor Day looking for the phone, which he remembered having the Friday before. With the extended holiday weekend, we found it impossible to locate the phone which, of course, had a dead battery by this time. He tried calling it and that was not an option. Andy hunted everywhere for his phone... in his work truck, all over the house, around the job sites and questioned everyone about it's possible whereabouts...maybe with the exception of Grant.

Well, last night after I put the rascal to bed, he ran downstairs to me and said, "Mom, look my phone." I didn't notice it (I was annoyed he was still up) until Tyler yelled, "Oh, you are dead meat! That is Dad's missing work phone."

We then decided that Grant needed to call Dad in Kansas to tell him the good news (I think). When Dad asked Grant how the phone got in his "truck box".....Grant replied, "Madison did it."

The unfortunate news is Andy now has a new work cell phone. The great news...he has a backup phone in case he breaks it, loses it or Grant decides to hide it again.

I guess you could say, it's never a dull day with child #3.


missy said...

that's so funny...esp since it's not my child! :) do you think grant is the one who took our car keys that have been missing for 4 years?

Mamma has spoken said...

Blame it on the sister...Great move especially when you were caught with it red handed!!! Aw a boy after my own heart! Oh and did he ever do the other things listed before the phone insident?

Amy said...


Yes, he is guilty of all the above and many more stories too!

Mindee said...

Oh the blackmail options you'll have during his teen years! Good thing he's so cute. ;)

Tracey said...

He is one of a kind, no doubt!!

Teachinfourth said...

Okay, after reading the 'finger licking' part I cringed inwardly. I can see how child #3 certainly must make your household interesting. When I read over the part about the eating the vitamins, it reminded me of a similar incident when I was a little older than he was (remember what you promised, don't click that link unless you're serious).

Glad there were no bodies to report in that toy box along with the phone...before or after the phone was 'discovered.'