Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wild, Weird, Wonderful Wednesday

I must admit that today wasn't wild or even weird. However, it was wonderful when it's Spring Break! Woo hoo! Besides, what blog title could possibly follow Totally, Terrific Tuesday anyway?

Today I wasn't as productive as I was yesterday with housework. I did get a little cleaning done before hanging out with my co-workers this afternoon. I thought you should see the before and after pictures to see how much work I put into my house cleaning project.


Amazing, huh? I thought you'd be surprised with what I could do in just a few short hours!

I did enjoy my afternoon (kid-free) with my co-workers (Lisa, Kristi, Kathy and Sherri). We went and saw this:
It was a very cute movie!

And ate here:
Delicious! Their Sierra Turkey sandwiches are the best!


Trisha and Jim said...

You can come over to do your bathroom magic whenever you want...I'll make you dinner.

Teachinfourth said...

It's amazing what a little Ajax will do, isn't it?

Mamma has spoken said...

WOW you are great at cleaning! Tell me your secret, I have some bathrooms that need a little help!

Mindee said...

Sadly, my bathroom looks almost exactly like that before picture. Rich is in the middle of a remodel and it is NOT pretty.