Friday, March 12, 2010

Boiling Water?

A watched pot never boils.....

This idiom seems to hold true whenever the grandparents come to watch the kids play at any kind of sports.

Last year, my parents along with my brother and his wife watched Tyler sit on the bench during a baseball game for three innings. That was exciting to watch!

Then there was the time when Madison forgot to wear her shinguards to a soccer game causing us to scramble getting her a pair, so Grandma could see her play. That was only a thirty minute delay and then made for one crabby husband!

Or the time that the heat was so fierce that Grandma couldn't take it anymore at Tyler's summer ballgame and left. Of course, Tyler was called up to pitch for the very first time. That too was missed.

So, tomorrow is Tyler's last wrestling meet and both sets of Grandparents will be attending. I can only imagine what could happen or not happen. I can guarantee it surely won't be as fantastic as last week's two pins and a technical fall.

To Be Continued....

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