Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday for Grant

It was a sunless Saturday. It was incredibly dreary and rainy today, but isn't this a beautiful sight? A family (Larry and Ruth Ann Bartels) in our church donated this incredible bronze statue to St. Mark's and it will be dedicated this weekend. I heard it was created somewhere in Colorado and it traveled to Lincoln via Interstate I-80 uncovered. I think I would have kept pace driving alongside with Jesus knowing it would be a guaranteed safe trip!

We had a "Grant" day today. Often I feel like he's left out on activities that are just suited for him. We often drag him to all of Tyler and Madison's ballgames and require him to sit and be good. So, today we had fun doing things Grant enjoys...

Like meeting the "Hamster Bunny" at our church's annual Easter Egg Hunt. We're not quite sure why he doesn't say "Easter Bunny". It's just one of those Grant things.
Grant also played games like Bowling Bunnies.
The weather was so cold, wet and yucky that this year's egg hunt was relocated to the Family Life Center (gym) instead of outside.
It should have been called an Egg Scramble or Scrambled Eggs instead of an Egg Hunt.
Later, after picking Madison up from indoor softball practice we went and ate at Cici's Pizza. It's not my favorite place to dine, but it sure is Grant's!
Grant is having his favorite pizza called "Cheese with Circles".
Once again...Grant lingo.
And who couldn't resist having Pop with your pizza?!


Anonymous said...

Oh, how cute! It does look like it was a totally 'Grant' day.

Grandma Betty

Mamma has spoken said...

Oh how I love the last picture! And of course I love Grant lingo but the thought of a hamster bunny, that could be scary!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

You're a good mama to make sure the youngest gets some fun stuff too. You're right - they do get dragged along a lot.