Monday, March 22, 2010

Desperately Seeking Spring

It's Spring Break for me and I am loving it!

The only thing I want now is to see a little bit of Spring. It's been a terribly cold and miserable winter and I can not wait for all thing associated with, kites, flowers, warm days, Easter and the list goes on. Did I also mention that Spring is my favorite time of year??

So, I tried desperately seeking out a little bit of colorful, springtime around my house.
I didn't find it here. I guess if I wanted to see some early spring flowers, I should have planted those tulip bulbs last fall. I'll have to put that on my to-do list in six months. Hate to be disappointed two years in a row!
We still have a little of this too. The grass is starting to look a little green. There's some promise, but not quite what I wanted to see.
Then there's this. Ugh! It looks so helpless and unloved. What to do with it? I hate to throw it away, but it's not helping me visualize spring.

Since I couldn't find any true signs of spring...I shall buy some!
Holiday kitchen towels from Target always put a smile on my face!
Look at this COLOR! I couldn't help but buy all the colors of Peeps! I guess I could say..."I'm hanging out with my Peeps" over break.
Then I spied these two cuties at Kohl's this weekend. I couldn't pass up taking home two low-maintenance bunnies for my living room.

"Hoppy" Spring to you!


Anonymous said...

We have 6" tall daffodils and tulips greens if you need a "spring fix!"

Mamma has spoken said...

While driving home from work today, I saw a yard that had a lot of daffodils blooming. They were beautiful! I checked in my yard and I have many different bulbs that has come up and I have buds on many. OOOO I can't wait for them to finish blooming!
Love your low maintance bunnies. I have some too.

Teachinfourth said...

Peeps? Are you crazy!? Of course, I used to love those rock-hard marshmallow eggs...

Cheeseboy said...

I am so jealous. Our spring break is 2 DAYS and is not until next week.

Found your blog through the Teachinfourth guy. I teach first grade and it is so cool to see other Elementary teacher bloggers.

Sorry, hate those marshmallow eggs. Nasty. Good thing I have a class to give mine to.

Connie said...

Hi Amy,
thanks for visiting my blog! seems we all love comments. Down South we are seeing tons of Spring. I love your sense of humor and your layout. The peeps made me think of a cake I want to make my daughter for her 26th birhtday :) You can see it here: