Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just What I Thought


The pot of water never became a roaring boil. It almost bubbled, but soon the fire was snuffed out. Tyler wrestled in three matches and was pinned once, twice, three times. Bummer! Both sets of grandparents did have a fun day seeing their oldest grandchild wrestle though. It was a new experience for my parents and long ago revisited memory for Andy's.

I now feel a little bit bad for labeling the last blog "The Grandparent Curse?", so I renamed the post.'s not their fault, just a strange, ironic coincidence that seems to repeat itself. Wild! I was just so hoping for them to see Tyler win a match. The good news is that Tyler still loves wrestling and plans to try it again next season. My plan for the next sport is to dress up the grandparents as strangers and not tell the kids they are coming! Maybe this will work?

Well, Tyler's record ended this year at 4-4, which is pretty good for a newbie at this sport. Way to go, Tyler! I am so very proud of you!

Not to change subjects, but.....

Whoo would just love one of these? (Sorry, I'm not giving one away, but she is.)

Oh, please pick me!

Check this darling necklace out at Lisa Leonard Designs. I am definitely asking the jewelry fairy for one!


Anonymous said...

Win or lose, we loved seeing Tyler wrestle. He is still a 'winner' for us! Loved seeing Madison and Grant too.

Grandpa Oogie and Grandma Betty

Mamma has spoken said...

Oh well can't win them all (sorry had to say it) but glad he's willing to do it again next year!

Mindee said...

I laughed when I saw your post yesterday, because Rich's mom came to watch Hayden watch and he lost both matches. :) Performance anxiety maybe?

Amy said...


Performance anxiety...yes! Tyler was in the bathroom with IB prior to his first match.

The kids Hayden, Tyler and Dalton wrestled looked like "Club kids". Wow! Nothing like the meet the week prior.

Teachinfourth said...

Glad you clarified with the 'necklace' thing at the end…for a minute I thought she was handing out kids.