Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

Phew! I think I need to have another weekend to recover from this weekend! Have you ever felt that way? Oh, don't get me wrong it was a fun weekend, but I didn't sit around and relax. It all started with a Mother and Daughter night out on Friday. Madison and I saw the new Disney 3-D Alice in Wonderland movie. It was fantastic and I'd highly recommend seeing it! Madison asked if we could go to it again. Sorry, hun, I think we'll buy it on DVD instead...a lot cheaper!

Then on Saturday morning we attended Tyler's second wrestling meet. Luckily, I remembered to take the camera this time, but still didn't use it for match two. I was too busy talking to Mindee and it was only 32 seconds long in the first minute resulting in a pin. Tyler had an awesome day with two pins and a win by a technical fall (so I'm told).
Then I had to chase down some turkeys (literally) for some cool pictures.
Tyler also had an interview Saturday afternoon for a "job" as a Zoo Crew Member at our local Children's Zoo. Tyler will know if he's chosen as one of the volunteer crew members towards the end of March.

Today at church was Youth Sunday, so Tyler was a communion server at church. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of him in action since he was serving on the balcony level at church. Bummer! I even tried to sit on the side he was working.
Grant is going to be in the South Lincoln Track Club this Spring and participate in his first sport...Little Green's track. His job now is to sell 80 candy bars for the Little Green's fundraiser. Care to purchase a candy bar for a dollar from one cute three year old?
Today was also a fun day at church called "Winter Blow Out", which involves a gym full of blow up games. I told the kids that they could each invite one friend to the event. Grade schoolers had their fun from 3-5 and middle schoolers from 5-7. Madison asked Jessi to tag-a-long for the festivities.

I had to do some serious persuading to get the girls to put on these Sumo suits. They were the first to put them on for the day and I told them that they'd just get smellier, so they quickly agreed. They had a hard time standing up in the suits that I could not stop from laughing!
Here they are looking far cuter than in the Sumo wrestling suits! They make such good buds!
Tyler brought along friend, Seth, to St. Marks. Here's their shot at Sumo wrestling. I didn't get to stick around, so Andy took this picture. I had to tag team with Andy on watching Grant.
And that's not all, I also got the following done....all the laundry washed, the kitchen cleaned and moped, Spring decorations up, the basement carpet shampooed, Girl Scout cookies delivered, worked out at the Y and FINALLY my hair dyed! Now, can I just stay home tomorrow and lay on the couch?


Mamma has spoken said...

WOW what a buzy week-end! I have a three day week-end coming up this week-end and I am so looking forward to doing nothing on one of those three days!

Mindee said...

I was SO GLAD you sat with me at the wrestling meet. Those suckers are long. And boring. Except when Tyler and Hayden are wrestling of course. Then it's hilarious. ;)

Jesy said...

Wow, that made me tired reading it.

Trisha & Jim said...

Track for 3 year olds! Hilarious.

Teachinfourth said...

Some people get all the fun...