Saturday, February 21, 2009

Silly, old Grandpa Oogie

Okay, I decided these two pictures were too funny not to share. Grant was sitting on Grandpa's lap when Grandpa decided to sing along to the Mamma Mia! movie with an off-pitch voice.  I really don't know if he could have sung well because he knew he'd be funnier if he tried not to. Grandma Betty kept saying, "Doug, quiet, Xander is almost asleep!"  Grandpa didn't care and it became really hilarious once Grant started giggling and swinging at him.  We generally teach our kids not to hit, but I think Grandpa had it coming.  


Angela said...

I love your photos!!! There are days where I can't decide. And if I like them both I've found making a photo collage in pse is a great way to keep both.

missy said...

grandpa is pretty cute! what fun!

Tracey said...

I'm glad you decided to share that. So cute. Hope your dad doesn't mind. :)