Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Days 41-45

I've been wanting to blog about something in my classroom, but I keep forgetting to take a picture.  I'll have to do that tomorrow night....crazy story! 
Saturday, Feb. 7th - Southeast Community College's Scrapfest - Fun times!  I am not looking so great in this photo, but it was taken 12 hours into the crop, so I have a good excuse, don't I? This scrapfest was a little different because I wasn't sitting by my usual friends, Amy, Angie and Kristi.  I was suppose to sit next to my co-worker, Krista, but she had a sick child, so she didn't make it.  I did get to know Jodi Rust, Krista's friend and neighbor, during this 15 hour crop.  I discovered that she's originally from where Andy grew up and knows some of Andy's relatives.  Small world!
Sunday, Feb. 8th - Youth Sunday at St. Mark's - Tyler got to usher at the 9:00am church service, but we didn't get to see him taking the offering plate since we were in Sunday School class ourselves.  Tyler said he really enjoyed ushering and would do it again.  Service this Sunday focused on the youth...their band performed, several teens gave testimonies and Pastor Don recognized adults who work with our youth in the church.  Don't you just love the expression on Tyler's face?
Monday, Feb. 9th - We are both trying to get back into working out at Anytime Fitness at least 3-4 times a week.  We really lost ground on this resolution when Andy went out of town for 4 weeks in a row.  I guess I could have gone alone, but that's no fun! 
Tuesday, Feb. 10th - Here are my two UNL practicum students who joined us this semester on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  They are both very nice gals who dream of having a classroom of their own.  Boy, I hope I don't scare them into changing their mind!  :) 
Wednesday, Feb. 11th - I was late getting home from work today, so when Grant and I pulled up in the driveway we saw that Dad was home.  Hooray!  Grant was ecstatic!  The weather wasn't too bad, so Andy got a football out to play a little catch with Grant.  They also got a frisbee for Ranger and wore the poor dog out!  


Tracey said...

Next time tell them to come and get Mikey.:)

Mindee said...

You could never scare off your practicum students and I think your kiddos are an excellent example of real life teaching. ;)