Saturday, February 21, 2009

Days 51-55

I have to say...I have not forgotten a photo a day yet since starting this fifty-some days ago.  It's too bad I can't keep up a diet like this picture taking habit!  
Tuesday, Feb. 17th - First day back after President's Day and a snow day, so even though Valentine's Day was several days ago, we are celebrating it today.  This was taken after school with Madison showing off her stash.
Wednesday, Feb. 18th - Doing our taxes with Dave at 5:30 on a Wednesday.  I know they (Dave and the secretary who took the picture) thought I was nuts asking for one, but it is everyday stuff we experience.  The good news...we get a refund!  Yeah!  
Thursday, Feb. 19th - Shopping at Famous Footwear for Tyler.  This is his third pair of running shoes since since last July.  He only wears these shoes daily, so I guess that's okay.  He wears them until I see his big toe and that's when I say...let's go buy some new shoes.  Luckily, the $45 ones work as well as the $110 do. 
Friday, Feb. 20th - We went to HyVee and filled my asthma inhalers prescription and decided it was movie night.  Madison was at a sleep over and Tyler was at the Dare 2 Share concert, so it was just Grant, Andy and me.  I got to pick the movie....Mamma Mia!  Andy knew it was a "chic flick", but he missed the part that it was also a musical.  He did watch all of it, but he didn't think it was as fun as I did.   I just love Redbox!  $1 movies!
Saturday, Feb. 21st - Grandma and Grandpa stopped by on their way back from seeing Jill in Kansas City and Todd, Sarah and Xander were also in town, so they were all at our house at the same time.  I had a hard time deciding which picture to chose from.  This one is adorable and the other one was of Grandpa holding Grant and making funny faces.  I went with this picture since other of Grandpa looked more like a "blackmail" photo.  Who can resist a cute baby pic?


Tracey said...

My favorite is the picture of you two getting your taxes done. You're right it is everyday stuff, that's why it needs to be in the 365. :)

Mindee said...

So did Tyler finally get his DCs?

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what awful pictures of Grandpa Oogie. Guess that will teach him to 'act his age'!!! He even agreed that they were awful. Cute of Grant. Enjoyed seeing five of our six grandkids yesterday. We missed you, Tyler!

Grandma Betty

Amy said...

Nope, Tyler decided against DCs. I asked him why and he said he thought they weren't athletic enough...could twist an ankle or something?! I don't know. Weird kid!