Sunday, February 1, 2009

Days 31-35

Wednesday, Jan. 28th - This is or should I say was our morning routine.  I take three middle-schoolers (Hannah, Joey and Tyler) to school at 7:45 everyday along with Grant.  Tracey will now be taking these kids to school starting on Monday when she begins her new position at Campbell in the ECSE classroom.  I will miss seeing these guys in the early morning and their quiet, non-verbal behaviors.  They just aren't morning people!  I guess I'm not really either.
Thursday, Jan. 29th - Andy's been gone all week for the fourth week in a row and I decided I am not cooking tonight.  It was a long day and I deserved a night out for cheap, mexican food.  Where else can you purchase a kid's meal for $1.70?  I love that Taco Inn is just down the street from us.  And I so enjoy their Chicken Tortilla soup! 
Friday, Jan. 30th - I almost forgot to take my picture of the day, so it was close to bedtime and I had Madison read "The Peace Book" by Todd Parr to Grant.  I like the bold colors he uses in his books.  Todd's pictures are so simple that I think I could become an illustrator.
Saturday, Jan. 31st - We made a quick trip to Omaha before Tyler had to go to a birthday party.  We shopped at World Market, Archiver's and Nobbie's.  This picture is taken right when you enter Nobbie's.  I didn't know that you could still ride a coin-automated horse anywhere for a quarter.  Hey...that's pretty cheap entertainment!
Sunday, Feb. 1st - I tried taking pictures of Tyler at church for his Super Bowl party, but they didn't turn out, so I am using a picture from the day before.  This is Grant riding in his car seat wearing Madison's sunglasses.  He was keeping himself entertained with a pencil and a notebook while on our way to Omaha.  We realize that he's happy to ride in a vehicle for about forty-five minutes before losing his patience or falling asleep.  

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