Saturday, February 14, 2009

23rd Annual Chocolate Lover's Fantasy

Last night there were 5-6 inches of new snow on the ground, but that did not stop us from attending the annual Chocolate Lover's Fantasy at Embassy Suites in downtown Lincoln.  It was a fund raising benefit for CEDARS and the Historic Haymarket.  We went with our old friends, Todd and Amy.  We ate "real food" at Old Chicago before attending the event.  The Chocolate Fantasy ran from 7-10pm, but I was clearly done consuming chocolate by 7:30pm.  I didn't learn from last year...pace yourself.  Once again,  I engulfed a large amount of a chocolates in various forms and soon felt very sickish.  
This is one of the tables that were displayed by seventeen restaurants or caterers.  My favorite visual display was the City of Lincoln's because they had a vampire (thinking Twilight) with a syringe full of raspberry sauce (appearing to be blood). He then added it to my chocolate fluff stuff.  Really...I had no idea what I was eating, except that it was chocolate with raspberry sauce.  And my favorite foodie display was Embassy Suites.  I so loved their fruit & chocolate mini tarts!  
Here are two people who did NOT need to eat chocolate of any kind!  Anytime Fitness we will be seeing you today!!! :)
Notice the two little tarts (mentioned above)... blueberry/chocolate and the raspberry/chocolate..very yummy!  They had awesome truffles on a stick too.  That's why there's just a stick left in the truffle.
Here are the four of us at the end of the festivities...the Jensen's look great...not so much for the Broekers.  I was up until one in the morning...over stimulated from the sugar and caffeine.  Live and learn....I'll be back next year!  


Tracey said...

Looks like fun!

Mindee said...

Those tarts alone look like they were worth the price of admission.