Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sledding at Pioneers Park

Today was a perfect day for school, six inches of new snow and weather that wasn't subzero.  We rarely go sledding as a family.  I think the last time was when Madison was four.  It was a day of "free fun", which I am all about!  
Grant usually went down with Andy, but he did make a couple trips with Madison and Mom.  He said, "More, fun, fun!"We had three sleds to share between ourselves.  Tyler and Madison usually went on their own, but here they are being nice to each other and sharing....such a lovely picture! Grant always had the same expression on his face, which looked scared, but he did want to go again.
Here's one of the three times I tried sledding.  You might notice that Grant and I are turning sideways, which we ended up going downhill backwards.  I could not figure out how to steer, which is quite frightening.  I almost took out two preschoolers before stopping.  Yikes!  

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A.H. said...

Looks like fun! Is that your own playlist? When I made mine I used the gadget and I had to google to find out you get the playlist# from the playlist URL. I couldn't find the # displayed anywhere on LOL