Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wanting something I can't have

I am just going to admit it....I am obsessing over this.  I think about it constantly and I need a diversion.  It may require me to spend money I shouldn't at Archiver's tomorrow or make me spend endless time on Facebook finding people who could possibly become my friend...I need help.

This Project 365 kit that sold out on January 1st at CK has consumed me.  It's been a big fiasco for many, many uphappy customers, but that still doesn't change how I feel.  I keep telling myself that CK will make more, but so far they have only provided downloads for the journaling cards, which is nice.  But I want it all...the dividers, pockets, stickers, etc.!  I can certainly get one on eBay for about $165 when it originally sold for $39.95 at CK, which drives me crazy!  Okay...I am now going to stop dwelling about this and move on.  This has been very theraputic...I am off to Facebook to send someone a fish.  


Anonymous said...

I completely understand your frustration. I didn't get one either. And I think it's absolutely absurd they are selling them for that much on ebay.

Mindee said...

Deep breaths! In and out . . . it's going to be ok. You will get one. And you know that as popular as this has been that copycats will be appearing right and left in very short order. Maybe they'll even be better than the original!

Then you'll feel so smart. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy,
Your blog is a source of entertainment for me.....I can just feel the pain of "wanting something you can't have!"
I believe that something even better will be invented (?) developed, manufactured and then
you'll be the first one on your block or 'blog' to have one!
Hang in there, I think June is only
89 schools days away...Ken the Channel 10/11 weather guru thinks we may get a big snow deal this you see, there's always other things to hope for!
Kathy K~

Amy said...


You are sooo right. Snow, huh?! Maybe two Mondays in a row with no school.

nathalie said...

I hear ya! I really, really want the cool date stamp. :)

I'm curious to hear how you're planning to handle this in the event that, um, gulp ... no kits come? Are you going to keep it online and turn that into a book or something?

I've been keeping track online becasue I had to do SOMETHING while I wait impatiently. And I'm printing the pics once a week at Snapfish and putting them in 4x6 protectors with the journaling cards Becky graciously shared.

Okay, that makes it sound like I've done all of that consistantly. Really, I'm behind ;) but you know ... that's my plan!

Jackie said...

You blog is darling! Thanks for sharing!!!

Another 365'er?