Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Days 26-30

My apologies to anyone who is totally bored with my Project 365 pictures.  I really don't know what else to blog about and this gives me something to look back on once I figure out how to put this 365 Project together without the kit.  I heard that CK may not make more of the kit, so I guess I'll just have to ask the Scrapbooking Fairy for one!  If there's a Tooth Fairy...I'm positive a scrapbooking one exists!  
Friday, Jan. 23rd - Daddy's home....hooray!  I took this picture right as we got home from school.  Dad beat us home and Grant couldn't wait to give his favorite parent a big hug!  No kidding on the favorite parent part...just ask Grant! 
Saturday, Jan. 24th - We didn't do much except hang out around the house on Saturday.  It was a cold, snowy and dreary weekend.  Andy made lasagna for dinner and here's what supper looks like at our home.  
Sunday, Jan. 25th - Tyler and Madison spent much of the afternoon sledding right behind our house.  One of the things I appreciate about our home is that we don't have backyard neighbors, but a nice open space with a slopped hill which is perfect for sledding.  I love this picture of the two of them sharing a sled.  They appear to like each other instead of their constant fighting!  
Monday, Jan. 26th - Madison is playing her High School Musical game on her Nintendo DS and Grant is totally engrossed in what she is doing.  I thought this was so sweet for Madison to share her DS with her little brother, who can often times be quite a bother!  Bless you, Maddy! 
Tuesday, Jan. 27th - Rub-a-Dub-Dub....Grant in the tub!  I took many pictures of him in the bath tonight and loved the expression on his face with this one best.  Grant does not care to take a bath, but with his new bath toys from Grandma at Christmas he likes it a little better. He still throws a fit whenever we wash his hair.  


missy said...

such a sweet big sister holding her bro while playing ds! love the snow picture too! i should be done with #2 soon! thanks again...though i'm not really getting anything done.

Mindee said...

That pic of Madison and Grant is precious!

Tracey said...

No one is bored with the 365 project. It is awesome!! Keep posting. If you stop, I will miss it. :(